FT100 Pre Rig Eurotruss

FT100 Folding Truss

The ultimate Pre Rig Truss for spans up to 44m / 144,36ft

The FT100 Truss lends itself to use as bending resistant spans at a free span of 44m (144,36ft) with an extreme load bearing capacity of 1232kg (2716,09lbs) UDL.

The FT100 Truss has impressive results due to its special shape and dimensions. The FT100 reduces storage and transportation space and in a folded position an FT100 has only a height of 16cm (6,3in). The 60x5mm (2,36x 0,2in) tube reduces transportation damage and guarantees extreme durability.

In the range of the FT100 Truss a clever and strong 4-way corner block is available. Also a FT100 sleeve adapter plate makes it possible to be used on standard TD50, TD44 Tower with TT Sleeve Block.

Made with the fast connection system and approved according the DIN 4113 specifications by the TUV.

•Tolerance free conical connector
•High stability aluminium alloy
•Excellent load bearing capacity
•Low dead weight
•High wear resistance
•Saving stock and trucking space
•TuV approved
•5mm (0,2in) wall thickness of 60mm (2,36in) main tube



Typ -
Höhe -
Breite -
~22 kg/m
60x 5mm
50x 3mm
EN AW-6082 T6
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