PRO DECK 100x050

PRO DECK 100x050

The modular stage platform constitutes a base for stages, fashion show catwalks, tribunes and conference podiums. Its top quality is confirmed by the TUV certificate.

The platforms come in the following four standard dimensions:
2.0x1.0 m / 2.0x0.5 m / 1.0x1.0 m / 1.0x0.5 m.

The platforms are based on a light and specially designed aluminium section by means of which platforms are joined together into the desired shape.

All accessories (self-levelling inserts, barrier clamps, stairs clamps or assembly inserts which can be used to hang curtains or advertising banners) are fastened to the section:
The platform top is made of waterproof plywood with an anti-slip layer which is available in dark brown or black.

At the customer's request, the platform top can be covered with a veneer in the colour of wood.
The platforms can be supported by non-adjustable or telescopic legs which make it possible to smoothly and precisely adjust the platform height within 5 different height ranges. Rubber feet of the platform legs ensure stability. Thanks to their structure, the platforms can be installed both, outdoors in different terrains and indoors (inside the buildings, show halls, theatres etc.).

New SCA-03 stage platform is not only lighter, but also compatible with SCA-01. Its weight is only 29 kg. Two longitudinal beams and a special profile design ensures full stability. Highest quality confirmed by T‹V certificate which ensures maximum safety.


ED-T-750-1X05 Black Hexa anti-slip Plywood
Länge 1000 mm
Breite 500 mm
11,8 Kg
Profilhöhe 90 mm
Deckenplatte 12 mm
Verfügbare Farben black hexa, black, brown, grey, wood
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