GS Tower Eurotruss

The GS Tower is the foundation of the Fork End Ground Support tower systems.
It is specifically designed as a tower truss and can be used in stand alone, goal post situation and in multiple grid situations.

The Steel Base on wheels is available with short and or long outriggers
in combination with stabilizers. The base is equipped
with fork male/female receivers to build the GS Mast Sections.

Sleeve Blocks:
The travelling sleeve blocks that are used with the system is
adaptable to connect to MB, GS and MBX Truss and combi
sleeve blocks are available (Shown: Combi withMBX and GS).

Head Section:
The head section is standard equipped with wheels for 1 Ton
Motors (2 Ton is available). It is designed to take most types
of chains used in lifting equipment.

Mast Sections:
The tower truss is the standard GS Truss, a square 347mm
(13,7in) heavy duty truss made according DIN 4113 and
approved by the TuV.



GS Truss
Max. Höhe
10m (32,8ft)
Max. Gewicht
1440kg (3168lbs)
GS Truss